Our Story

Amalise was founded on the journey for something different. We wanted natural/ organic hair and skincare products that actually works. Like you, we’ve tried countless products—they never lived up to the promise. So we rolled up our sleeves and made our own.

We asked our friends and family to try out our first batch. They didn’t like it. They loved it. Why? For starters, It was all-natural and absent of chemicals. But the results were what made them want to buy more. Their hair was naturally restored. It was hydrated and shiny. For many, this effect lasted for several days after only one application. We knew we were onto something. 

What we put on our bodies shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why every ingredient in our products comes from nature. We’re committed to simplicity and transparency, so if you’d like to see what we use, check out the ingredients list. Speaking of simple, let’s talk about our process. Each product is handmade right here in the USA and shipped directly to you. Our commitment is to deliver the best natural hair and skincare products, so you can look and feel beautiful. Welcome to the #famalise.