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Natural hair vs. the coronavirus quarantine 

This Covid-19 lockdown has affected us all in so many ways. There are kids at home, parents working from home, and for some the reality of being without work and an uncertain future career path. We are spending more time in our respective homes and only going out for the essentials. The salons are closed and that leaves many of us to fend for ourselves.

Some of us are becoming experts at doing hair -- experimenting with different styles. Some of us have gone the protective style route -- wearing braids or extensions and praying real hard that the covid-19 shutdown will be over before we need to redo our style. Others have no clue what to do with their hair and have just given up the battle and done little or nothing with their hair at all. 


Now that we're all homebound for the most part simplicity rules! PJ’s and comfy clothes are the work attire for each day. Simplicity is the rule of thumb but keeping things simple doesn’t mean neglecting your hair. If you’re not natural but have been contemplating going natural NOW is the perfect time!! Use this time to experiment with transitioning styles that work for you or be bold and do the big chop! 

We will highlight some reasons why you should go natural and for the naturalistas who need maximum hair growth, we’ll show you how to incorporate our products into your hair care routine. Whichever path you’re on, Amalise is here to keep your hair care routine simple yet effective during this time. 


Here are some amazing reasons to take the plunge:

Embrace Your Natural Beauty

    Your big, bold natural hair highlights your self-confidence and is a display of how proud you are of your roots. Your natural texture is gorgeous so feel free to grow out your hair and flaunt it unapologetically. 

    Ditch the Harmful Chemicals

      Relaxers and other hair straighteners are full of harmful chemicals, so going natural is one of the best ways you can cut out damaging beauty practices which not only affect your hair but also your body. This is the first step in becoming more health-conscious. 

      Natural Hair is Versatile

        There are a number of  hairstyles for natural hair, so you can rock unlimited protective styles and switch up your look whenever you want to. Since there are so many hairstyle options you won’t find yourself stuck in a style rut.  There are many tutorials on how to create beautiful natural styles.

        Natural Hair Can Be Inexpensive

          Going natural means you can look breathtaking on a budget. The money you save by eliminating your monthly trip to the salon for relaxer touch-ups can be used to purchase great natural hair products like Amalise which are available at unbelievably low rates. Once you find the product that works for you, a few go-to styles, and establish a hair routine you’ll find your natural hair is saving you money. You don’t have to break the bank to go natural. 


          Transitioning means growing out your natural texture (no more relaxers or other chemical hair treatments) while retaining the rest of your processed hair. This would involve trimming off processed or damaged ends over a period of time until you are fully natural. Transitioning allows you to ease into being natural at your own pace and gives you a feel for the natural hair journey ahead. It is different from the big chop, which is simply cutting off your processed hair and diving right into the naturalista lifestyle. 


          • To slowly get used to your natural texture 
          • To learn what hair products work best for your hair
          • To learn how to handle your hair and to try out gorgeous hairstyles
          • To get an idea of what being natural will be like.
          • To preserve more hair in case you get cold feet and decide that the naturalista life isn’t for you.


          The Amalise Healthy Hair Pack has been formulated to moisturize and strengthen your hair and will be a major asset in your hair armory as you travel on your natural hair journey.

          Moisturize and Restore Sheen Daily

            For your daily dose of moisture, rub a large coin-sized amount of Amalise Shea Soufflé into your palms and massage it into your hair. Formulated to moisturize and seal in the moisture, Amalise Shea Soufflé protects your hair against split ends and breakage. 

            Revamp Dull and Lifeless Hair 

              Take your old styles from drab to fab with Amalise Moroccan Mist. Got no time to restyle? The Moroccan Mist will revive the dullest, driest hair. Combine it with Amalise Shea Soufflé for maximum daily moisture. The amazing natural oils in our products lock in moisture to keep your hair looking soft and shiny.  

              Now you have some reasons to go natural and tools for caring for your natural hair. So don’t procrastinate! Stop contemplating and take the plunge!! Don’t worry we’re here to help and to cheer you on as you go forward on your natural journey.  You don’t even have to worry about leaving home. Already natural? We have products that are simple to use and that will help keep your hair moisturized and healthy. Even if you don’t have anywhere to go right now don’t give up on having healthy hair. Even in the midst of this Covid-19 situation, your hair doesn’t have to suffer. Do what you need for your hair and your body.

              Be safe everyone!


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