Celebrate World Afro Day and change the way the world views the natural hair of black and mixed-race people!!!

Celebrate World Afro Day and change the way the world views the natural hair of black and mixed-race people!!!

World Afro Day was founded by Michelle De Leon to change how the world views the Afro and to celebrate the natural hairstyles of black and mixed-race people.

It’s great to see that this holiday has been endorsed by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the London Mayor’s Office. This movement aims to remove the biases in the world towards straight hair and the stigmas associated with having natural hair. World Afro Day is determined to do this by educating the world about the beauty of ethnic hair and the people who proudly wear it.

There is much evidence that a bias toward straight hair exists and has led to negative stereotypes associated with naturally textured hair. Just do a Google search yourself!

You can’t escape the many accounts of hair discrimination occurring in schools and the workplace: from little girls being banned from school activities, and threatened with suspension or expulsion to accounts of hairstyles being banned in the workplace, including the military.

Even the location of hair products in retail stores gives clear evidence of this. We can easily find the products for straight hair in the beauty section but we find the products for naturally curly or wavy hair in a separate aisle or section of the store.

This day is not just about serious issues like stereotypes and biases. It’s a movement about celebrating the beauty of naturally textured hair. Naturally curly hair comes in various lengths and textures. No matter where you are on the textured hair spectrum (from 2A to 4B/4C hair) embrace your texture.

Learn your hair! Get to know what it likes and needs in order to look and feel its best. If you’re just starting out or just prefer the shorter styles rock your TWA (teeny weeny afro) like a boss!! Whether you like to wear your natural hair in protective styles like braids, twists, bantu knots, or let it all out in a wash and go, braidout, or twistout, just do you!! Maybe you’re a sister with locs who likes to wear her hair in a cute updo now and then. Whatever your natural style is we salute you!!

So, do your part!! Celebrate World Afro Day!! Send a positive message to women with textured hair: “Your natural hair is beautiful!!” Educate those who are unaware or misinformed. Start making your statement today by supporting World Afro Day on social media. #WorldAfroDay.

Visit the official site for more info: https://www.worldafroday.com

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